Blinking Red Light Problems With PS3

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Profile: The lesser of the two evils, the ps3 blinking red light problem can occur anytime during gaming, is accompanied by beeping, and followed by console shutdown. This may or may not be preceded by a noticeable increase in fan velocity. The frequency of occurrence can escalate as gaming continues, until finally, the unit becomes unusable. Prognosis is a little bit better than the ps3 ylod.

Cause:  This PS3 problem also may result from hardware susceptibility to overheating. Again, the use of weaker lead-free solder to connect the main chips to the board leads to PS3 functional failure since it repeatedly liquefies and solidifies in response to extremes of temperature, and can easily crack in the process. This disrupts the connections necessary for PS3 operations. An alternative cause is age-related hard drive failure.

Step #1: Eliminate factors that contribute to overheating.  Limit and space out gaming hours to facilitate adequate cooling in between sessions of play. When the console is not in use, perform a proper and complete PS3 shutdown. Allow the unit to cool down completely before carefully getting rid of external dust build up by running the vacuum nozzle against all the vents. Perform the fan test to distinguish between a problem with the power supply or a faulty fan.  In the latter’s case, fan replacement should be done. You may opt to open up your unit to eliminate internal dust build up and replenish thermal paste.

Step #2: Check for loose cable connections. Remove and replace the hard drive several times to ensure proper attachment.

Step #3: If there is minimal or no improvement after performing all the tasks, there may be a need to reflow or reball the unit to get rid of the blinking red light of the PS3.

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